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Tips When Fighting For Sole Parental Responsibility


The term ‘sole custody’ has not been used in Florida for many years. However, parents who want to limit contact between their child and their spouse after divorce can fight for sole parental responsibility. When a parent is awarded sole parental responsibility, they will be the primary caregiver for the child and the other parent may or may not have visitation rights. If you want to pursue sole parental responsibility in court, our Brandon child custody attorney explains how to do it below.

Prove Parental Misconduct

The court considers many factors when making decisions on parental responsibility and they all pertain to what is in the child’s best interests. Any parental misconduct such as domestic violence or a substance abuse problem is considered to be against the child’s best interests. If you can prove that your spouse has not been a loving and supportive parent, it can help you obtain sole parental responsibility. Likewise, you must also establish your own history of being a good parent by presenting evidence that proves you take an active interest in your child’s life.

A Stable Home Environment

The family courts in Brandon understand the importance of stability in a child’s life. You can strengthen your case for sole parental responsibility by showing you provide a stable home environment. You must prove that you love and support your child, and that you have a steady income that provides stability in the home. Showing that you also provide for your child’s basic needs, such as proper nutrition and medical care, can also strengthen your argument for sole parental responsibility. If your spouse does not provide these basic needs, it can strengthen your case even further.

Continue to Support a Relationship Between Your Spouse and Child

Parental alienation is taken very seriously by the courts. It is important to show the court that you will continue to support a loving and caring relationship between your spouse and your child if you are awarded sole parental responsibility. Even if you believe visitation would be harmful to the child, there are legal ways to resolve these issues. For example, the court may order supervised visitation to ensure the child’s safety and well-being.

Your Child Custody Attorney

Even if you believe your spouse should not be awarded any parental responsibility, their lawyer may help them obtain it. It is critical that you have a Brandon child custody attorney working to uphold your rights, as well as what is in the child’s best interests, so you can obtain the successful outcome you are hoping for.

Call Our Child Custody Attorney in Brandon Today

It is rare for the courts to award sole parental responsibility so if you are pursuing it, you may be facing an uphill battle. At Koether Law, P.A., our Brandon child custody attorney can provide sound legal advice that will help you obtain the best possible outcome. Call us now at 813-347-8193 or reach out to us online to schedule a consultation and to learn more.



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