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Brandon Domestic Violence Attorney

Families are supposed to love and take care of each other, but that is not always the case. Jealousy, control issues, and mental problems can cause a person to lash out at their own family member. It may be a one-time event, but the incidents are typically ongoing. This is called domestic violence.

Under Florida law, domestic violence is defined as an act that leads to physical injury or death, inflicted on one family member to another. The law typically applies to members of the same household, such as spouses, parents, and children. Domestic violence may include assault, battery, false imprisonment, or kidnapping. It can also be sexual in nature and include rape and other nonconsensual acts.

While domestic violence is typically physical in nature, it may involve other types of abuse. For example, there is emotional abuse, which includes name calling, threats, yelling, insults, and acts of control, such as telling a person what to do and not do. There is also economic abuse, which involves taking away a person’s money and controlling their finances. Another form of domestic violence is stalking, which is contacting someone repeatedly, despite the contact being unwanted. The stalking may be done in person or electronically, such as through texts and emails.

Orders for Protection

You do not have to live with domestic violence. If you are a victim, you can get an order of protection, also known as a restraining order. You can file a petition for an order if the abuser is:

  • A current spouse
  • Someone related to you by blood or marriage
  • Anyone who lives or has lived with you in the same household
  • Anyone you have a child with

There are no residency requirements. You have the option of filing the petition in the country where you live, where the abuser lives, or where the incident took place. There is no charge to file a petition for an order of protection. You can choose to do it yourself or have a lawyer help you with the process.

If you do not qualify for an injunction for protection against domestic violence, there are several other options:

  • Injunction against repeat violence. You can file this order against someone who has committed violence against you or a family member at least twice.
  • Injunction against dating violence. You can file this order against someone who has abused you or you fear will abuse you and you have had an intimate relationship with them in the past six months.
  • Injunction against sexual violence. You can file this order against someone who has raped you or engaged in other nonconsensual acts.

Contact a Brandon Domestic Violence Attorney Today

You should never have to deal with domestic violence. If you are a victim, contact a lawyer to understand your legal options for protection.

Domestic violence can be physical or non-physical. Contact Brandon domestic violence attorney Stephanie Koether from Koether Law, P.A. for the right help in your situation. She understands that domestic violence can be a legal and emotional matter. She truly cares about her clients and offers a personal touch. Contact her today to schedule a consultation.

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