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Brandon Uncontested Divorce Attorney

If you’re through with your marriage and ready to move on, you’ll need to get a divorce. However, divorces can be very messy, especially if there are children or a lot of assets involved.

Divorces don’t have to end up in physical fights, though. If you and your spouse are on good terms, you can divorce amicably. This is called an uncontested divorce, and it’s a quick and easy way to end your marriage and still remain friendly.

An uncontested divorce means that the spouses are in agreement on the main issues of their divorce, such as asset division, child custody, child support, and alimony. When the spouses do not agree on one or more of these key issues, then the divorce is considered to be contested. In a contested divorce, the parties must go to court and have the judge decide on these issues. There may be hearings, evidence, witnesses, and trials involved. Having to go through all these steps takes a while, as you might imagine. Plus, it can be very costly.

Uncontested divorces are quick and inexpensive. The average divorce costs roughly $15,000, but an uncontested one may cost under $1,000. You may even be able to use a DIY solution. Uncontested divorces can be finalized in just a few months, whereas a contested one may take a year or two for completion. Contact experienced Brandon uncontested divorce attorney Stephanie Koether of Koether Law, P.A. for more information or assistance.

Simplified Dissolution of Marriage

In Florida, Simplified Dissolution of Marriage is the quickest and easiest way to divorce. Does your marriage qualify? All of the following requirements must be met:

  • Both spouses must agree that the marriage is irretrievably broken.
  • Both spouses must agree to this type of divorce.
  • There are no minor children.
  • There is no current pregnancy.
  • At least one spouse has lived in Florida for the past six months.
  • The spouses have come to an agreement on how to divide assets and debts.
  • There is no alimony involved.

Have a Written Agreement

To resolve your marital issues, you and your spouse can come to an oral agreement. However, upholding this in court can be difficult. Therefore, you should consider having a written agreement, such as a divorce settlement agreement. This agreement is legally binding and can be created before or after you file for divorce. In any case, make sure you complete the paperwork correctly and file it on time. While you can do this on your own, a lawyer or mediator can guide you through the process.

Contact a Brandon Family Law Attorney Today

No two divorces are the same. Each one has different people as well as different assets and elements involved. If you want to take the easy route to divorce, opt for an uncontested divorce, if possible.

For a personal touch with your divorce case, contact Stephanie Koether from Koether Law, P.A. She provides a hands-on approach to her cases. A member of the Florida Bar since 2017, she can assist you with your Brandon family law needs. Contact her today to schedule a consultation and get started.

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