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Five Signs You May Be Headed For Divorce


Many couples go through rough patches in their marriage at some point or other. When spouses start to argue on a regular basis and it seems there are more bad times than good, it is natural to wonder if the situation is temporary, or indicative of bigger problems. No one wants to end their marriage when the issues can be resolved. So, if you think there is a problem in your marriage, how do you know if you and your spouse can work through it? Below, our Brandon divorce attorney outlines five signs that you may be headed for divorce.

You Fell Out of Love with Your Spouse

Of course, the biggest sign that divorce may be imminent is if you are no longer in love with your spouse. People sometimes grow apart and realize that while they still care for each other, they are no longer in love with each other. Other items, couples may choose to stay together for the kids to protect them from stressful child custody hearings. Unfortunately, this arrangement is sometimes harder on the family unit as a whole. If you no longer love your spouse in a romantic sense, it is likely a sign that you are headed for divorce.

Constant Criticism

Constructive criticism now and then can actually be good for a marriage and help each person grow. However, when criticism is constant and not meant to be helpful, it can lead to feelings of contempt and resentment. If you find that you are judging your spouse more often, or feel as though you are being constantly judged, it may mean divorce is the right option.

You Cannot Let Go of Past Mistakes

Perhaps your spouse made a mistake and you thought you had forgiven them. Maybe they had an affair and while you tried to let go of the hurt feelings, you cannot. If your spouse made a mistake in the past and you find you cannot forgive them, especially if many years have passed, it may be a sign that you are headed for divorce.

You and Your Spouse No Longer Talk

Spouses sometimes have very busy schedules and they find that they do not have the time to connect with each other as they once did. While this is fairly normal, if you and your spouse avoid each other so you do not have to speak to each other, it may mean you are headed for divorce. Sometimes, couples stop speaking to each other to avoid arguing with each other.

You Have Thought About Other People Romantically

When people are unhappy in their marriage, they sometimes think about other people romantically. People do not always even realize they are doing this until they take a closer look at their marriage. While this can be a sign of divorce, it is important to have a real conversation with your spouse about it. They may be able to fix the issue that has you looking elsewhere.

Thinking About Divorce? Call Our Divorce Attorney in Brandon First

It is never easy to think about divorce but understanding the signs to look for can remove some of the shock of the experience. If you are thinking about filing, call our Brandon divorce attorney at Koether Law, P.A. first. Our skilled attorney can advise on the divorce laws of the state and help you obtain the best possible outcome. Call us now at 813-347-8193 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.



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